Fun with Lync 2013 migration

I have been working on a project internally for the past few weeks upgrading our Lync 2010 deployment to Lync 2013. This has been an interesting and rewarding experience not least because the upgrade appears to have fixed the failed transfer issues we have been experiencing ever since we deployed Lync 2010.

We were getting the following error occurring on a daily basis which was frustrating our receptionists no end:

“Call was not transferred because [user name] does not have an audio device set up to accept calls”

We have been working with Microsoft support for months to get this issue resolved but so far everything they had recommended did not resolve the issue. Upgrading to Lync 2013 though has resolved the problem and we have now had several days without failed transfers!! happy days.

I wanted to share these blog posts as they helps me get through the Lync 2013 migration in a relatively painless way:

Exchange 2010 UM integration with Lync 2013:

Understanding Lync 2013 Mobility:

5 Essential tips for deploying Lync 2013 mobility service:

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